Walleye Warehouse1

Walleye Warehouse

Walleye Warehouse (Japanese: ハコフグ倉庫 Hakofugu Souko / Boxfish Warehouse) is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.



A map of Walleye Warehouse.

Walleye Warehouse is interesting BACKGROUND WISE. It also is the same on the Enemy Side. You start off with the Respawn Point going in a straight line at 2 sides. The middle is going a bit down. On the left (<-) is a Box you can jump on. You can walk around it. It continues on with Left Passage, with going to the right (->) is another Box which is populair with Snipers/Chargers. You can (again) walk around it. Going further to the left, is Alley Way. Going to the right of spawn is Roller Path. In the middle from spawn is Cuttlegear Balloon. You can get back to Respawn Point using a plastic walk which you can't Ink. Going to Alley Ways end, is Wall. continueing with Wall are two boxes. Those are great for Hide n Seek. And finally, is 5 Crates. you can ink them and climb on them.

Walleye Warehouse's total area is 1600p.

Notable Locations

  • Central Battlefield - This is where most of the fighting takes place. The Central Battlefield is a large, open area with towers of stacked crates serving as vantage points for experienced players. 
  • Side Passages - there are 4 Side Passages in this stage, 2 high elevation, and 2 low elevation. They are all accessed on the left or right sides of the arena and lead to small pockets on the side of the Central Battlefield. The Side Passages also serve as a relatively quick path to the enemies' base, and are often forgotten parts of the map, particularely the high elevation passages.

Ranked Battle

  • Splat ZonesThe Splat Zone in this map is located in the Central Battlefield, with half on one side, and half on the other. The stacked crates are at the center of the zone, making anyone there an obvious target. In order to gain control of the zone, a team will have to take control of both sides and defend the opposing side from enemy ink in order to keep the zone.
  • Tower Control - The tower is located in the middle of the map, up high the platform. The tower will just go straight forward and go to the finish which is in front of the rival spawn point. The tower track is currently the shortest track in this mode. 
  • Rainmaker - The Rainmaker is located at the center of the map, up the platform. The Rainmaker must be taken to a pillar located just down the ramp of the rival Respawn Point to their right by the upper side passage.

    Finish point of rival (photo from screenshot of YouTuber Relados)


  • Outside Fencing - Near both team's Respawn Points are fences. If an Inkling in squid form falls through the fencing, they will be forced to respawn.



Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese ハコフグ倉庫
Hakofugu Souko
Boxfish Warehouse
French (NA) Encrepôt Portmanteau of encre (ink) and entrepôt (warehouse).
German Kofferfisch-Lager

Cofferfish warehouse

Spanish Almacén Rodaballo

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