Nintendo's exciting new third-person shooter Splatoon features an ink war that pits teams against each other for ultimate map domination. Winning matches isn't as easy as it sounds, and we will be compiling a list of strategies, combat tips, and team skills in our Splatoon Fan Facts.

We have received your Fan Fact submissions and have shared them with the world! Utilize these strategies and you'll surely come out on top against all of your opponents

1. Never stop moving! Movement is key at any time in the match. Always try to plan your path, and keep an eye out for ways to easily maneuver to hard-to-reach places.


2. In Turf War, try to wait for the any shootouts and stay behind to ink, also be sure to ink behind the spawn point. It can easily be overlooked.

Splatoon Spawn Point

3. In the Splat Zones ranked mode, it's best to coordinate two Inklings on the offense and two Inklings on the defense to stay well-rounded. The Dynamo Roller is extremely effective in this mode, so keep an eye out for it.


4. If you find yourself alone and isolated from firefights with the enemy, always try to claim enemy-colored terrain. You earn points quickly and deny the other other team points in the long run.

New inkbrudh

5. When using scoped weapons, stay high where nothing can hit you except for other snipers. It can be challenging to find these spots, but they are very effective. You can usually find a single good sniping position on each side of every map.


6. Avoid up-close combat unless your weapon is meant for it. If it isn't, you're as good as splatted.


7.In Tower Control, stay near the tower but don't let your whole team idle around (or snipe) on top. Too many teammates on the top of the tower could result an extremely effective enemy Inkstrike.


8. In Rainmaker Mode, Ranged weapons like the Dual Squelcher and the Splatterscope are the best at taking out the the Rainmaker's Shield.


9. Depending on your weapon, you'll want to utilize different abilities. For example, with the Krak-On Splat Roller, the Samurai Jacket from the Inkling Boy amiibo is extremely useful. It can charge your special faster, make it last longer, and increase ink efficiency.


10. Looking to ambush an enemy? Try hiding on walls. In Squid mode, swim up a wall and idle yourself along it's surface for as long as possible. Most players won't check them immediately, and you can easily jump down for a surprise attack!


11. Instead of nitpicking over every bit of un-inked space, go for big areas. You'll find that you can earn faster points over larger areas.


12. Always keep a finger on the trigger. When you come to any point where your mobility is going to be hindered (Uncovered terrain of enemy ink) Shoot. Anytime you're not a squid, it's a good idea to always remain firing.


13. In Rainmaker Mode, weapons such as the .96 Gal, Octobrush, and the Carbon Roller are effective here. The Quick Respawn ability can be extremely helpful in this game mode as well.


14. In the Rainmaker Mode, always be sure to escort your Rainmaker. If he is not visible on your screen, Super Jump to him. The Rainmaker can struggle at close range and giving him backup is always a good strategy.


15. Try to get 700 points before the match ends. If everyone on your team achieves this, you'll rarely get a loss.


Thanks so much to all of the users who submitted their strategies! We would love to hear any more of your favorite gameplay strategies. Share your own tactics with the world by leaving a comment below!

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