The Traditional Apron is a piece of Clothing in Splatoon. It can be purchased from Jelly Fresh for 2,000 coins . It was featured in the "Big August Update".


The Traditional Apron is Japanese Sushi Chef Master's clothes, with an apron that has a White Inkling Language Logo on the front and tied a ribbon like a squid, the color of the apron will fix with the Inkling's Ink color.


  • The Clothing was designed by Asakishi-san (あさきしさん) from Aomori Prefecture in the Famitsu Squid Fashion Contest (ファミ通イカファッションコンテスト).[1]

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Note
Japanese タイショウのまえかけ Taishou no Maekake (Sushi Chef Master's Apron)




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