The Tenta Missiles is a Special Weapon in Splatoon 2. When activated, the Inkling can lock onto an opponent using ZR and fire four homing missiles towards them.


Upon activating the Tenta Missiles, the player swaps their weapon for two clips of portable missiles and the screen is changed to show a "radar" (see screenshot below) with a circle in the middle. Also, every opponent in your field of view is shown, surrounded by brackets (even through walls). Any opponent inside the circle will have a crosshair on them. When the player presses ZR, all opponents inside the circle (a.k.a. having crosshair on them) when the trigger was pressed will be targeted by the attack. The player will then fire upward four missiles per enemy, which will strike the area around/underneath all targeted players (4 missiles to one enemy).

It is useful to note that the crosshairs stay on an enemy until all missiles targeting him exploded, allowing you to track a nearby targeted opponent as he tries to run away from the missiles.

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Like all special weapons, the Tenta Missiles must be charged by splattering ink on the ground. Once charged, the player can click the right analog stick to utilize it.


  • If you press ZR, this will fire missiles at all enemies that you tag with your cursor. The more enemies you tag, the more effective it is.
  • A maximum of five targets can be locked in at the same time.
    • This is only possible in the Weapon Testing area or Octo Canyon, Due to Regular and Ranked battles having 4 players on each team, making a total of 8 player.


  • After the special is activated and fired, markers appear that show where the missiles land. Move away from marked spots to avoid the missiles.


Main Sub Special
Slosher Suction Bomb Tenta Missiles
Splat Dualies Burst Bomb Tenta Missiles