The Super Jump is the ability of an Inkling to propel itself into the air in a large jump. Depending on a selection on the map screen, they will land either near a teammate, or at the location of a Squid Beakon. The latter technique destroys the Squid Beakon.


When an Inkling begins to Super Jump, they crouch down in squid form, pointing upwards, and start charging up the jump. During this time, they cannot move, and are vulnerable to enemy fire.

When the Inkling jumps, they do so quite high into the air, and towards their destination. This arc is too high for enemy fire to reach, but either way, an Inkling is completely invulnerable during a Super Jump. The time it takes from the start of the jump to landing on the destination is always the same regardless of distance, but can be changed with abilities. Once the Inkling lands, they are ready to move once more. In reality, Inklings can already start attacking when they are about to land, which can be used to clear the path below. Sub Weapons cannot be used however: although the Inkling can pull them out and reveal the trajectory marker, they cannot throw it until they land.

While Super Jumping, an Inkling can go through walls and floors to ensure that the jump is successful.


A circular marker showing the Inkling's name and distance will appear at the destination of any Super Jump. The indicator is visible to everybody unless the Inkling has a Stealth Jump ability. Members of the opponent team may take advantage of the marker to splat the Inkling shortly after it lands. The Splashdown Special Weapon prevents this from happening by creating a large, immediate explosion of ink upon landing. A roller can also cause some chaos if used at the right timing to splat enemies camping a marker.

Teammates that are picked to be jumped to will receive a notification on their screen with the jumper's name inside an arrow-shaped symbol. Every time the jumping player taps the teammate, the symbol flashes. Because players can tap a teammate while in the respawning animation (which does not allow for a jump), a screen notification does not mean that the player is jumping – it just means that their Inkling got tapped by said player. A player that gets a notification can use it to assist their oncoming ally, by defending the landing position. If the jump hasn't started yet (which can be distinguished by the notification's sound, and in general, a lack of landing marker), the player may also head to safety, to ensure a safer landing for their fellow Inkling.


See also

  • Quick Super Jump: Decreases the time taken for an Inkling to complete a Super Jump.
  • Stealth Jump: This does not show a marker when you Super Jump but is far slower than a regular Super Jump.

Names in other language

Japanese (JPN) スーパージャンプSūpā JanpuSuper Jump
Italian (ITA) Super saltoSuper jump