These are all Sunken Scroll locations in Splatoon's Hero Mode.

Sunken Scrolls

Stage 1

When you reach the area with the five Octotroopers, spray one of the pillars with ink and climb to the top, then attack these enemies from above. Now look for the highest pillar. Ink one of the sides and then swim up to the orange crate containing the scroll. 

Stage 2

Wait until you stand on the mesh catwalk, then look down to see another platform with an orange crate and launchpad.  Switch to your squid alter ego to fall onto the platform. Break the crate and grab the scroll, then use the launchpad to ascend.

Stage 3

Head to the second platform, but swim over to the nearby pillar first. Spray ink on the pillar with the orange crate, then transform into a squid and jump towards the painted side. Swim to the top and smash the crate to find the Sunken Scroll.

Stage 4

You’ll find this Sunken Scroll atop a tall mesh platform near the Zapfish. Destroy the Octotrooper standing on the crate and then collect the item.

Stage 5

Shrink the sponge, turn into a squid and fall through the netting to reach the scroll. If for some reason you can’t make the sponge smaller, carefully fall off the side of the platform and guide your character towards the lower platform with the crate.

Stage 6

You’ll come to a propeller lift early on in this level. Rather than stand on the lift, blast this object to make it rise into the air, then drop through the opening where the lift used to be to locate the scroll. The launchpad will help you return topside.

Stage 7

While traveling along the main platform, wait until you encounter two Octocopters. Walk onto a Spreader and turn around to discover a secret area. Now walk off the Spreader and break the crate.

Stage 8

There’s a ramp close to the Zapfish that’ll take you onto the catwalk, and the scroll is behind the ramp.

Stage 9

Defeat the Octodiver by the Gusher, then look for the crate underneath the yellow bridge.

Stage 10

Proceed through the level until you see a wall with three Inkrails. Jump to the middle Inkrail and ride it to the other side of the platform (the back, essentially), where you’ll see a hidden area containing the Scroll.

Stage 11

Walk to the second platform and stand near the launchpad. Now position the camera down and look off the side.  Shoot some ink in this direction and you’ll reveal a hidden platform. Fall onto it and look for the Scroll beneath the ramp.

Stage 12

Head to the second platform and turn right, then take the Inkrail that’ll bring you to the Scroll.

Stage 13

Approach the shifting blocks on the third platform but don’t climb up yet. Take the path on the right to find the Scroll.

Stage 14

Walk up to the Gusher but don’t use it. Go right along the narrow path to see the orange crate with the Scroll.

Stage 15

Reach the checkpoint, then turn around and break the orange crate.

Stage 16

Hop aboard the Propeller Lift and use it to travel across the water. While in transit, ink the tallest part of the wall and the jump onto it. Swim up the wall to the top, then turn around to find the Scroll.

Stage 17

After taking out the Octosnipers, go back to the cargo net, turn into a squid and fall through to find the Scroll.

Stage 18

Defeat the Octocopters and take the Spreader toward a lone platform. Shoot some ink onto it, then swim and jump towards the platform to locate the Scroll.

Stage 19

Fall off the yellow grate, then turn around to see some crates near a concealed alcove. Set your sights on the orange one.

Stage 20

Eventually you come to an Inkrail that brings you to the Zapfish. Don’t take it for now. Instead, fall through the mesh ramp, then look for the orange crate.

Stage 21

Head to the launchpad and destroy the two Octobombers. Not head back to a corridor with another Octobomber. Quickly take it down and break the crate.

Stage 22

You’ll see a launchpad at the front of a platform. Ignore that for now, and instead transform the blocks by hitting the splat switch. Take out the Octotroopers, turn into a squid and swim along these blocks around back, where the Sunken Scroll resides.

Stage 23

Reach the second checkpoint and then peer over the edge of the platform to find another platform. Use the sponges to swim down and then jump to this platform. Bust open the crate and collect the Scroll.

Stage 24

While on the third platform, ink the second pinwheel and then ride it until you reach the next platform. Transform into a squid and jump in order to reach it. The scroll is yours!

Stage 25

Take the secret launchpad to a platform with two Flooders. You’ll see the orange crate containing the Scroll in the center of this area.

Stage 26

Go to the Inkrail and follow the path beyond it to find the crate. Before doing this, we suggest coating the area in your ink because an Elite Octoling will appear after you collect the Scroll. Doing this hinders the Elite Octoling’s movements.

Stage 27

Explore the dead end and take down the Octosniper. Turn into the squid and swim up the ledge to discover the Scroll.

Weapon Blueprints

Boss 1-4 After you beat one of the first 4 bosses there will be a blueprint that you can collect.

Boss 5 Take the second propeller lift to easily find the scroll, but make sure DJ Octavio isn’t around

Boss Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Octostamp Custom Splattershot Jr. -
Octonozzle Kelp Splat Charger Kelp Splatterscope
Octowhirl Aerospray MG Aerospray RG
Octomaw New Squiffer -
DJ Octavio Dynamo Roller Gold Dynamo Roller

Top Secret Weapon Blueprints

If you have Splatoon Amiibo you can do missions if you complete the last 3 levels and then the boss your reward is a top secret weapon blueprint there are 3 to collect.

Amiibo Weapon
Squid Hero Shot Replica
Boy Hero Roller Replica
Girl Hero Charger Replica