The Sting Ray is a Special Weapon in Splatoon 2.




Like all special weapons, the Sting Ray must be charged by splattering ink on the ground. Once charged, the player can click the right analog stick to utilize it.

When activated, it allows the Inkling to fire a continuous laser that shoots through walls. To balance this the turning is slow and delayed by 0.7 seconds. However, the user can stop firing the weapon to move the camera freely. When not firing, the player can see silhouettes of opponents on the map.


  • The Sting Ray has poor ink coverage, and is generally better for splatting enemies.

Using the Sting Ray on the player with the Rainmaker or the Rainmaker's shield allows better objective control.


  • Quickly swimming away from the Sting Ray's beam is generally the best way to avoid getting splatted, as users turn relatively slowly while the Sting Ray is active.


Main Sub Special
Dynamo Roller Ink Mine Sting Ray
Heavy Splatling Sprinkler Sting Ray
Splat Charger Splat Bomb Sting Ray
Splatterscope Splat Bomb Sting Ray