Not to be confused with the Squid Sisters.
Squid Squad

The Squid Squad

The Squid Squad is a musical band in Splatoon. They’re one of Inkopolis' "hottest acts", and their music can be heard as background music during many of the Inklings' Turf Wars. Their shows sell out very quickly, and because they are often mobbed by fans, they don't make many public appearances.



The keyboardist is the group's only girl. The melodies she weaves reveals a foundation in deep-sea squid funk that's truly on another level.

Vo. & Gt.

This guy handles lead vocals and guitar in the Squid Squad, and he writes most of the music and lyrics, too. Well, he never actually learned to read music, but he's got a gift for rippin' phat guitar riffs, and most importantly he's got that rockstar charm to inspire the other members to greatness.


The bass player is the group's oldest member. He's one cool customer who doesn't show much emotion, but make no mistake, he's the backbone of this band. He's always the first one at soundcheck, and the last one to leave the stage at the end of the encore.


The drummer's a bit rough around the edges. They call him wild child for a reason. This youngster's sense of rhythm is uncanny, and when it matters most, his sticks are always there to lead the way with a wicked beat barrage. He really gives his all on stage—if you look closely you might catch him weeping during a drum solo.


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