A Squee-G







Squee-G (known as Suckerfish in Europe) are Octarian enemies that appear in Hero Mode and have the ability to vacuum up ink that the player sprays nearby. They glow yellow when sucking up ink, and appear blue when idle. A Squee-G cannot be harmed by ink, only stunned (very briefly), and must instead be tricked or avoided. 


  • To get around a Squee-G, the player can do one of these things:
    • Make an ink trail on one side, making the Squee-G suck up there, and quickly make another one and swim up it.
    • Make an ink path, jump onto it and go as fast as possible by pressing X repeatedly.


  • "Suckerfish" is a pun on how the enemies "suck" ink up, with "suckerfish" also being the name of several species of fish, such as the remora family.
  • The name "Squee-G" is a pun on the popular window cleaner, "The Squeegee".
  • The Squee-G is the only known Octarian that cannot be harmed in any way. This could be due to it being mostly/wholly mechanical, or simply as a gameplay mechanic.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese インククリーナー
Inku Kurīnā
Ink Cleaner


Splatoon 2

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