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About Splatoon
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Splatoon is a third person shooter by Nintendo. The game consists of online multiplayer and a single-player campaign, where the player uses an arsenal of weapons to splatter ink around an arena. Player characters are called 'Inklings' who have the ability to change between a humanoid "kid" and squid-like form. Transforming into a squid allows the player to swim through ink of their own color which is much faster travel than attempting to traverse it in human form. They can maneuver up walls and through grates and replenish their ink in the process. Players are equipped with primary weapons, a secondary weapon as well as temporary special weapons. The game was finally released on 5/29/15 in North America, 5/28/15 in Japan, and many copies were released early in France. Join the wiki and help out!  


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Splatoon - H-3 Nozzlenose DLC Weapon Tour!

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