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Inklings Dancing to Callie and Marie during Splatfest

Splatfest (Japanese: フェス Fesu / Fest) is a special event that takes place in Splatoon.


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Splatfest is a recurring event hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, who are both seen atop their own trucks singing and dancing in a continuous loop. During this event, Inklings are able to choose between two teams, which differ from event to event and participate in battles against the other team. Inkopolis Plaza and all the stages are decorated to reflect the event, becoming nighttime and being adorned with festive lights and Callie and Marie will pick a opping team and change their color to the team they are supporting.
Squid Sisters Splatfest Colors

Upon making a choice, the player receives a Splatfest Tee in the chosen Team's image. This T-Shirt has 4 slots for Gear Abilities, of which the first is Special Saver.
The Splatfest Tee can then be worn prior to the Splatfest in order to acquire abilities before hand. During a Splatfest, this T-Shirt is automatically equipped to the player's Inkling for the entire duration of the Splatfest and cannot be swapped out with another Shirt item until the event concludes. It is removed from the player's inventory once the event is over. Upon the next Splatfest, a fresh, new Splatfest Tee is given out without any of the previously generated abilities equipped.

When two opposing teams are matched against each other, teams will be assigned a team color reflecting the Team they fight for. In order to shorten matchmaking times, two groups of the same team may be matched against each other. These teams will then be assigned two randomly selected colors. 

Background story for Splatfests and their themes


The printer used to determine the theme of each Splatfest.

During an interview, the producer Hisashi Nogami and art director Seita Inoue talked about the background of the Splatfests, their themes and the role of the Squid Sisters.

According to them, the world of Splatoon takes place 12,000 years after the present time and the Squid Sisters are those who receive messages from 12,000 years ago. Like there would be a discussion "rice or bread?" in current time, and those words fly to another planet and bounce back for them to receive. Those divine messages come from kami-sama [kami means a god, sama is a honorific like -san].

Kami-sama is written as "paper" when using kanji ("Kami" has several meanings, two of which are "a god" and "paper"), so the topic of Splatfest comes as a fax-like paper. That’s where the name kami-sama comes from. [1]


Splatfest Trailer gif of the Squid Sisters


The final score is calculated based both on popularity and on wins. The formula is as follows:

Final Score = Popularity Percentage + (Win Percentage × 2)

As of the August 2015 2.0.0 update, the formula is as follows:

Final Score = Popularity Percentage + (Win Percentage × 4)

As of the October 30, 2015 North American Splatfest, the formula is as follows:

Final Score = Popularity Percentage + (Win Percentage × 6)

When the Squid Sisters announce the results, the highest of both the popularity percentages and the win percentages are highlighted.

Rank System

During Splatfest, players will be able to gain XP/Points that increase the players' Rank. Super Sea Snails are awarded to participants upon Splatfest's conclusion, with the winning team's respective rank rewards doubling at the end of the Splatfest. Players receive 3 Rank EXP for winning a match, 1 EXP for a score over 200p, 2 EXP for a score over 400p. 

Rank Titles

Titles XP/Points
(total in brackets)
Super Sea Snails
Fanboy/Fangirl -- 2 (Losers)
4 (Winners)
Fiend 10 3 (Losers)
6 (Winners)
Defender 25 (35) 5 (Losers)
10 (Winners)
Champion 50 (85) 10 (Losers)
16 (Winners)
King/Queen 99 (184) 18 (Losers)
24 (Winners)

Information and results

For Splatoon Splatfest dates, themes, and results, see Splatoon Splatfest information and results.
For Splatoon 2 Splatfest dates, themes, and results, see Splatoon 2 Splatfest information and results.


  • Many Splatfests have been sponsored by a company:
    • The Japanese Red Kitsune/Green Tanuki Splatfest was sponsored by the Japanese company Maruchan  and is the first Splatfest to be sponsored.
    • The Japanese Lemon Tea/Milk Tea Splatfest was sponsored, this time by the Japanese company Kirin and is the second Splatfest to be sponsored.
    • The American Autobots/Decepticons Splatfest was sponsored, this time by the American company Hasbro and is the first Splatfest to be sponsored in America; and third Splatfest to be sponsored internationally.
    • The Japanese Squid Sushi/Octopus Sushi Splatfest was sponsored by the Japanese Sushi restaurant Kura and is the fourth Splatfest to be sponsored.
    • The Japanese Go All Out/Focus on Healing Splatfest was sponsored by video game developer Square Enix, makers of the Dragon Quest series, and is the fifth Splatfest to be sponsored.
    • The Japanese Tuna Mayonnaise/Red Salmon Onigiri Splatfest was sponsored by the Japanese division of 7-Eleven and is the sixth Splatfest to be sponsored.
    • The American & European Spongebob/Patrick Splatfest was sponsored by children's television network Nickelodeon, and is the first Splatfest to be sponsored in Europe, the second Splatfest to be sponsored in America, and the seventh Splatfest to be sponsored internationally.
    • The Japanese Mushroom Mountain/Bamboo Shoot Village Splatfest was sponsored by the Japanese candy company Meiji Dairies and is the eighth Splatfest to be sponsored.
  • Because of connection errors in the first Japanese Splatfest, the first American (Cats/Dogs) and the first European (Pop/Rock) Splatfests had been previously postponed, as they originally took place on June 20th and June 27th, respectively.
  • As of update version 2.0.0, the multiplier for the amount of points won from winning matches has gone from x2 to x4.
  • As of update version 2.2.0, the multiplier for the amount of points won from winning matches has gone from x4 to x6.
  • While performing, Marie's hands constantly clip through her skirt.


  • If one started the game with a new account when the fest was ongoing, the Squid Sisters' trucks will be removed for the introductions of Inkopolis.
  • If one enters the weapon testing area in Ammo Knights during the fest, they will find out that there has an instrumental version of the fest music, and the Squid Balloons are glowing.
  • Callie and Marie always choose opposite sides, and their tights will change to the color of their own teams in each Splatfest.
  • The sixth European Splatfest, Cats vs Dogs, uses the same theme and art as America's first Splatfest, Cats vs Dogs.
  • The Pokemon Red vs. Pokemon Blue/Green Splatfest is the first global Splatfest to be held in all three regions at once, albeit with matchmaking and results being separate for each region.
  • The Spongebob vs. Patrick Splatfest is the first Splatfest to have North American and European players matched up together.
  • The Fancy Party vs. Costume Party Splatfest is the first unified worldwide Splatfest where players from all three regions share stages, matchmaking, and results.
  • The final Callie vs. Marie Splatfest is split into two separate Splatfests for matchmaking (America and Europe will be together like in Spongebob vs. Patrick and Japan will be on their own), but the results will be combined across all three regions.
  • During the second half of the final Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, the battle music changes from "Ink Me Up" to "Calamari Inkantation".


American Splatfest

European Splatfest

Japanese Splatfest



  1. Interview about Splatfest

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