The Splat Dualies are a weapon introduced in Splatoon 2. These dual-wielding pistols deliver two streams of ink.


The Splat Dualies fire ink from both of the player's hands when fired. Each gun can be aimed independently via their own targeting reticle. This weapon features a unique roll mechanic. Pressing Jump (B) while firing causes the player to quickly roll in the indicated direction, with a small ink cone of ink left behind. Performing this maneuver ends with the player crouched. Rolls can be chained together twice before players are required to stand again.

When crouched, each of the Dualies' reticles merges into a single point, allowing for more accurate shooting.


The Splat Dualies tend to aim slightly inwards and shots grow closer together the further they travel. Due to the unique firing ability of the guns, it's impossible to jump while firing the weapon. To fire Splat Dualies airborne, players must jump before firing, or fall from a higher position.


Here's a GIF of their unique Rolling Ability wielded by two inklings. One being Pink, the other being Lime Green.