Splashdown is a special weapon introduced in Splatoon 2.


An Inkling strikes the ground with severe force, which triggers an ink explosion around them. It can be used while on the ground or in the air. When on the ground, the Inkling will jump up with a short delay.

Splashdown can be used while in the air or during a Super Jump.


  • Other players, friends or foes, will see the zone in which the Splashdown will occur as a warning. This warning is shown from the moment you start the Splashdown animation.
  • If you use Splashdown normally, your inkling will jump higher before hitting the ground. This is done even if you were already in the air.
  • Using Splashdown in a Super Jump is different. You can trigger Splashdown at any moment during the Super Jump, but a good timing can be rewarding. If you trigger it too close to the landing spot, you will regain height before landing, but triggering it at the "perfect height" will cause the inkling to immediatly initiate the Splashdown. As a result, nearby enemies will barely have half a second of warning before the Splashdown occurs. Making good use of this can help you get rid of a camper trying to splat you as you land from your Super Jump.