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Species Horseshoe Crab
Gender Male
Location Booyah Base
Shop Ammo Knights
You're looking fairly fresh!
— Sheldon

Sheldon (Japanese: ブキチ Bukichi) is a horseshoe crab who owns Ammo Knights, a weapons store, at the Booyah Base.

Personality and traits

Sheldon is a genuine military fanatic and is fascinated by his weapons. He has developed nearsightedness due to staying up late every night messing around with small parts.[1]

Though he is a horeshoe crab, Sheldon wears his whole shell on his head, like a hat. He also wears a pair of goggles, a khaki scout uniform, and a red scarf around his neck. He has buck teeth and pale yellow skin. 


  • Sheldon's name comes from the word "shell," as he is a horseshoe crab which is a species known to have shells.
  • Sheldon's grandpappy, Ammoses Shellendorf, has blueprints that are aquired from beating each boss in Hero Mode. There are five blueprints total.
    • There also are three more blueprints obtained after completing the DJ Octavio challenges of the amiibos.



  1. Post from Japanese Splatoon Twitter.

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