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The Ravenous Octomaw

Ravenous Octomaw
is the fourth boss of Splatoon's Hero Mode.

Description and Attacks

It has the appearance of a carnivorous fish or shark that swims in the ground (leaving a trail of ink behind it). It attacks by swimming towards the player and, once directly under them, it uses its teeth as a cage that surrounds the player and it attempts to eat them. The player has to shoot its teeth and break them so they can swim out of the way of its attack. The Octomaw will then come up from the ground. The player must shoot away enough teeth to lob a Splat Bomb into the centre of its open maw, after which the weak point will be revealed and must be destroyed. This process must be completed 3 times to defeat the boss. The first time it will have normal white teeth, the second time metallic silver teeth, which are stronger, and the third and final time it will have shining golden teeth, which take many hits to destroy. If the player dodges the boss' attack but does not reveal and destroy the weak tentacle, any remaining teeth turn into homing missiles that must be destroyed. Upon its defeat the player is awarded a Zapfish and the Sunken Scroll blueprints for the New Squiffer. When the player is hiding, it will start swimming around the corner.In the amiibo challenges, defeating Ravenous Octomaw with a Charger, Roller, and Kraken respectively will unlock the arcade games Squid Ball, Squid Racer, and Squid Beats respectively.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese タコツボファング
Takotsubo Fangu
Octopus pot + Fang

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