Rapid Blaster Deco
Rapid Blaster Deco
Type Main
Required Level 19
Cost 14800
Direct Hit Damage 80
Min. Explosion Damage 25
43 / 100
40 / 100
Fire Rate
48 / 100
Sub Weapon Suction Bomb
Special Weapon Bomb Rush
Special Depletion {{{depletion}}}

The Rapid Blaster Deco is a Main Shooter weapon in Splatoon.


The Rapid Blaster Deco is a decorated version of the Rapid Blaster. The Rapid Blaster Deco shares the same stats as the Rapid Blaster, however it has a different Sub Weapon and Special Weapon.

Weapon Quote

"A decorated version of the Rapid Blaster. Its Sub Weapon can scatter opponents, and its special lets you maximize that potential. A great set for staving off aggressive foes."

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese ラピッドブラスターデコ
Rapiddo Burasutā Deko
Rapid Blaster Deco
French (NA) Turboblasteur chic
German Turbo Blaster Deko Turbo Blaster Deco

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