The Rainmaker is a weapon in Splatoon which can only be found and used in the Rainmaker Game Mode, which was released in mid-August 2015.


The Rainmaker works very similarly to the Inkzooka, except that it must be charged shortly before being fired and that it can be used an infinite number of times. Once charged, the Rainmaker releases a tornado of ink that moves quickly in a straight line.

Use in Rainmaker Mode

In the Rainmaker Game Mode, the two teams must reach the Rainmaker (located at the center of the map) and destroy the yellow barrier around it. This barrier is very similar to the barriers found on Zapfish in Hero Mode. It should be noted that players can be splatted by the barrier if they are nearby when the other team destroys it. Once the Rainmaker is free, it must be collected by one player, who then must attempt to bring it to a point on the opposing team's side of the map. While holding the Rainmaker, the player may charge it and fire an ink tornado from it, but the player will be prevented from Super Jumping due to the weight of the weapon. The Rainmaker doesn't need to be charged fully to shoot an ink tornado, but if it isn't, the tornado will not be very large or travel very far. While holding the Rainmaker, the player can still transform into squid form, but they cannot use their usual Main, Sub, or Special weapons. Also, turf inked using the Rainmaker will not fill up the user's Special Gauge. If the Rainmaker is held for too long (60 seconds) it will inksplode in the opposite team's ink, splatting the Inkling holding it as well as any of the same team near by.


Nagoya Castle Golden Shachi-Hoko Statue01

Shachihoko of Nagoya Castle

  • Rainmaker's design is based off a Japanese folklore creature called Shachihoko (鯱鉾), which can be seen as ornaments on the roof of Japanese castles. It was believed to cause rain to fall.