Private Battle
CMM WiiU Splatoon August2015 Private CMM Standard propn
Private Battle's Screen
Type Online multiplayer
Players 2~8
Ranked Optional
Weapons All
Controllers Gamepad

Private Battle (Japanese: プライベートマッチ, Puraibēto Matchi / Private Match) is an online multiplayer mode made available after the August update.


In this mode, groups of two to eight players can select the rules and stages to play, though battles will have no effect on players' levels or ranks.

The host of a lobby can decide the number of players on each team, allowing for intentional asymmetrical battles. The only limitation to this is that a max of four players can be placed on a single team.

The host can also decide what stage the match will take place in and what mode the match will be. A password can be assigned to a lobby to make it private. 


  • Each password number has it's own unique tone. If you transcribe the number order in 76 76 76 765 67 67 67 2387 67 67 67 6567 234 321 2349 432 761, it will play the Squid Sisters song.[1]