Power Eggs (JP: イクラ ikura) are a type of collectible currency in Splatoon's and Splatoon 2's Hero Mode. They can also be collected in Splatoon 2's Salmon Run.


Power Eggs are small, orange orbs that resemble fish eggs. Inklings can collect them by directly touching them or splattering them with ink.

Although they are often found in the open, they may also be hidden in crates, balloons, Octarians, and Salmonids. Power Eggs can be used to upgrade players' Hero Mode gear and weapons. They are also given as a bonus for completing Hero Mode levels while fulfilling certain conditions.

If clearing a stage in the Hero Mode of Splatoon 2 with both an extra layer of Armor and a fully-charged, but not activated, Special Weapon intact, the player can earn up to an additional 20 Power Eggs as a bonus.