Port Mackerel

Port Mackerel (Japanese: ホッケふ頭 Hokke Futou / Okhotsk Atka Mackerel Wharf) is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon.


Port Mackerel is a close-quarters cargo bay map, featuring obstacles such as cargo containers, crates, and cargo vehicles that move back and forth. The cargo vehicles sometimes block the paths, but Inklings can spray ink on them and climb them as well. Starting from each team's Spawn Point on opposite sides of the symmetrical arena, narrow pathways lead into two open areas on both sides of the battlefield. Small, hidden pathways are also present on both sides of the stage, making good places to put Squid Beakons, or roost with a charger.

Notable Locations

  • Open Battlefields - This is where most of the combat takes place. Both open battlefields are separated from each other by another set of cargo containers. These battlefields, while being very open for vision, are still difficult to maneuver around for the beginning player because of the mats and a couple bumps. It is advised to climb on one of the cargo vehicles and jump on a matted storage crate from there, as it is higher ground and enemy ink cannot trap the player. However, as the mat prevents ink placement, the player cannot hide in their own ink.
  • Side Passages - there are four Side Passages in this stage, two on your side, and two on the enemy side. They are all accessed on the left or right sides of the map and lead to small openings on the side of the Open Battlefields. The Side Passages are often forgotten parts of the map, particularly because they're mostly out of the action and they're only accessible from the area near the spawn points.

Ranked Battle

  • Splat Zones  - In this map, there are two Splat Zones, which are located on both open battlefields in opposite corners from each other. The player's team will need to cover both to be in control, but if they only have one covered, neither team will be in control. The moving cargo vehicles have been removed.
  • Tower Control - The tower is located on the middle of the map. The tower will go straight forward and it will turn either left or right. The finish is up in the crate that is in front of the rival spawn point.
  • Rainmaker - The Rainmaker is located at the middle of the map. The Rainmaker must be taken to a pillar located on top of the cargo container in front of the rival Respawn Point. A couple platforms are supplied to make reaching higher ground easier, the pillar can only be access by either climbing the newly placed board on the backside of the container or jumping from the high ground.

    Finish point of rival (photo from screenshot of YouTuber Relados)


  • Port Mackerel was released on June 1st (2nd in EU), 2015 along with the N-Zap '85, Splat Zones mode and Ranked Battle, marking the first time Splatoon recieved DLC, or Downloadable Content.
  • Port Mackerel has the least inkable floor space in the game.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホッケふ頭
Hokke Futou
Okhotsk Atka Mackerel Wharf
French (NA) Docks Haddock Haddock Docks
German Heilbutt-Hafen Port Halibut


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