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Points as shown in-game.

Points, usually shortened to just p in-game, are experience and currency awarded to players after completing a multiplayer match.


Players can earn Points during any multiplayer mode. In Turf Wars, the player earns Points by covering ground. The more ground the player covers, the more Points they will earn. In Splat Zones, the player can earn Points by knocking out the opposing team, or by being the team with less time on the clock when the match ends. More Points (up to about 2100) can be earned by knocking out the opposing team.

Win Bonuses

Win bonuses are earned by winning a match. The amount of points awarded by a Win Bonus depends on the game mode. In Turf Wars, an Inkling on the winning team is awarded a bonus of 300 Points. In Ranked Battles, a bonus of a whopping 4,000 Points can be obtained by scoring a Knockout.


Points are used to level up the player's Inkling, gain Coins, and level up gear. All of these receive the exact amount of Points earned at the end of a match; it is not split between the three.

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