Don't get cooked... Stay off the hook!
— Pearl and Marina, catchphrase

Off the Hook, known in Japan as Tentacles (テンタクルズ Tentakuruzu), is an idol duo serving as a replacement for the Squid Sisters in Splatoon 2 as the hosts of Inkopolis News in their studio within Inkopolis Square. Their voice actors are Rina Itou (いとうりな) and Alice, respectively.

The duo consists of an Inkling and an Octoling, Pearl and Marina (ヒメ & イイダ Hime and Īda).




Pearl is an Inkling with white hair that has pink tips. She also wears a cream-colored crown on her head that's pink at the tips. Her eyes are connected like most Inklings, and they have a golden color. She wears black finger-less gloves and has a white sleeveless dress with a high collar and golden golden zipper that is pulled all the way up. Pearl also has pink tights and white boots that, like her dress, have golden zippers that are pulled up. She also holds a microphone while singing. Pearl resembles a "pop princess" stereotype.


Marina's hair looks almost the same as most Octolings, but it is black like an Elite Octoling's hair instead of the usual red of a standard Octoling. Her hair is also worn down with a light teal color at the edges. Like most Octolings, her eyes do not connect in the same way that Inklings' eyes do, but hers are a silvery color as opposed to teal as well as eyelashes. Marina also wears a pair of teal headphones on her head. She has a short black sleeveless vest revealing her midriff, with the silver zipper pulled most of the way down and black low-rise shorts and fingerless gloves. She wears teal tights under her shorts and has black boots that, like her vest, have their silver zippers pulled down.

Octo Expansion


In “Octo Expansion”, Pearl, also known as M.C. Princess wears a more hip hop attire than her pop stage outfit, resembles rapper The Notorious B.I.G. She wears a golden, jeweled crown on her head, a long, golden chain necklace with a plus symbol pendant (similar to her zippers on her stage outfit) around her neck, multiple golden rings on her fingers on both of her hands, a pastel pink, baggy hoodie with yellow sleeves, and rainbow metallic platform shoes.


In Octo Expansion, Marina, also known as DJ Hpyerfresh wears a more hip hop attire than her pop stage outfit, resembles rapper Tupac Shakur. She wears a white bandana that is wrapped around her head with light gray designs, a long, silver chain necklace with a infinity symbol pendant (similar to her zippers from her stage outfit) around her neck, a black wrist watch and black chain bracelet on her right arm, a white turtleneck crop top, light teal capris, and silver bowed, gray -white shoes. She also retains her headphones.

Personality and traits


Pearl speaks rather bluntly using various slang words, matching a stereotypical rapper, as she appears to be (despite her "pop princess" appearance). Compared to Marina, she is more expressive and quick to jump onto topics with a bit of short temptations. Oftentimes her comments can be playfully sarcastic playing off her co-host.

Pearl originally had little to no idea how to write music, though she insists she had her heart in the right place. She demonstrated a notably more vulgar side with her song ‘‘#$@%* Dude Be #$@%* Sleepin’’

Pearl’s voice is capable of creating massive shockwaves. Sunken Scroll 1 shows an incident in which a young Pearl destroyed various parts of the Youth Folk-Singing contest, and Marina’s Chat has a clip during a death metal concert in which glass is heard shattering. When fully warmed up and amplified by the Killer Wail, Pearl’s shockwave is concentrated into a powerful laser able to counteract a mostly-charged cannon designed to destroy all sentient life.

Pearl is also very protective of Marina, even after being told by Cap'n Cuttlefish of Marina's true nature as an Octoling. Upon receiving the news, she remained loyal to Marina, including threatening violence against Cap'n Cuttlefish if he ever dared to splat her bandmate.


Marina is more reserved than Pearl. She speaks in a sweet, gentle manner, very excitable, and can get very sassy in response to others, though she appears to be shy as well. While she is reserved, she isn't worried over expressing herself, given her visual design. She seems to be pretty forgetful at times and has been observed to forget the news she and Pearl are broadcasting.

Her timidity shows when she sees an Inkling watching her through the window; when she notices them, she smiles awkwardly and waves. This behavior most likely comes from the fact that many believe her to be an Inkling in spite of her different language and appearance, which are said to simply be some type of new fashion. Marina has not told Pearl of her past, and only talked to her about it after her file was extracted from Cap'n Cuttlefish’s Octarian database. She expresses fear over coming out to the public regarding her being an Octoling, but Pearl insists that she’ll be beloved regardless.

In Japan, Marina's speech is occasionally rendered in katakana, indicating an accent of some sort. Unlike DJ Octavio, she does not speak completely in katakana. However, in the Splatune 2 liner notes, her lyrics are entirely in katakana, which is supposed to show that her singing is in a different language.

Marina is shown to be an enthusiast regarding all sorts of technology, befitting her background as an Octarian engineer. She’s shown having she had received multiple commendations as part of DJ Octavio's wasabi supply unit, but deserted shortly after hearing the Squid Sisters' Calamari Inkantation. According to witnesses, her only comment was "This changes everything." When she first arrived at the Inkling world, she did not understand the language and had to learn it from Pearl.


Off the hook is located to the left of the Shoal.

Off The Hook Location


Pearl and Marina's songs are a mix of English and Inkling language.


Name Artist Length Music Track
"Color Pulse" Off the Hook
Splatfest Color Pulse
"Splatfest News" Off the Hook
Splatfest News 2
"Acid Hues" Off the Hook 3:15
Splatfest Acid Hues
"Acid Hues (Splatfest Verison)" Off the Hook 3:44
Splatfest Acid Hues In-Game
"Now or Never" Off the Hook 1:02
Splatfest Now or Never! (Off the Hook)
"Muck Warfare" Off the Hook 3:20
Splatfest Muck Warfare
"Fest Zest" Off the Hook 1:58
Splatfest Fest Zest
"Party Over" Off the Hook 0:55
Splatfest Party's Over

Octo Expansion

Name Artist Length Music Track
"Nasty Majesty" Off the Hook 3:16
Off The Hook - Nasty Majesty
"Shark Bytes" Off the Hook 3:34
Shark Bytes
"Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb and Flow (Octo)" Off the Hook 3:05
Fly Octo Fly Ebb Flow (Octo)
"Into the Light" Off the Hook 3:52
Into the Light
"#$@&* Dude #$@%* Be Sleepin' ~ Pearl Chat-Temp." Pearl 0:39
Pearl Chat -Temp.- - Octo Expansion - Splatoon 2 Soundtrack
"Ebb & Flow's Demo ~ Marina Chat-Temp." Marina 0:42
Marina Chat -Temp.- - Octo Expansion - Splatoon 2 Soundtrack


Name Artist Length Music Track


  • Pearl takes her Japanese name from the Northern pygmy squid (ヒメイカ Hime-ika), while Marina takes her own from the webfoot octopus (イイダコ Īdako).
    • Pearl's Japanese name also references her "pop princess" appearance, as 姫 (pronounced Hime) is the Japanese word for princess.
  • Pearl and Marina have some similarities with the Squid Sisters:
    • Pearl shares Callie's magenta-colored scheme on her clothing.
    • Marina has a teal color scheme that is mistaken for green like Marie's green color scheme due to both duoes being similar .
    • Their catchphrase, "Don't get cooked ... stay off the hook!" is similar to the Squid Sisters' catchphrase, "Staaaaay fresh!"
    • They're both expressive and excitable like Callie, and sassy and sarcastic like Marie.
  • Pearl and Marina's English names are possibly a pun on Pearl Harbor, as Marina's name is a synonym for harbor.
  • Pearl and Marina seem to be fans of the Squid Sisters, as Pearl was shocked upon hearing the news about Callie's disappearance, and she and her friend also hoped that the Squid Sisters will return.
  • In Sunken Scroll #2, revealed that Marina and some Octarians were at the final boss battle of Splatoon and thought that it was a concert.
  • In the Italian version, their names are changed to Alga and Nori, as a reference to "nori seaweed" in Italian.
    • The duo is called "Tenta Cool" in the Italian version.
  • Marina's name is Marie's name in the Italian version.
  • Since Pearl and Marina's voice actess are both English and Japanese, Off the Hook songs are the only Splatoon's songs with both English words and the Inkling language.
  • The Octo Expansion reveals that Ebb & Flow was Off the Hook's first song and has three reiterations of it in the Expansion.
    • Marina made a demo tape by herself with a half-broken keyboard on Mount Nantai before she met Pearl.
    • An "Octo" remix of the song plays when there's one minute left on Turf War on the NILS Statue.
    • A choral version of it plays when Commander Tartar is destroyed and Inkopolis is saved at the ending.