The Octostrikers are Octarian fighters and the main antagonists in levels '(blank) Flying Object'. They appear in multiplayer maps that are fitted into Hero Mode. The music is the same for every battle, like the Octoling arenas, but with different music.



Octostrikers reside at the end of levels nine, fifteen, twenty-one, and twenty-seven of Hero Mode in large, disc-shaped UFOs. At the beginning of each level, they are seen floating in a large ink pool on the top of the UFO as if bathing before sighting the player and launching an inkstrike. The Zapfish is in the ink of the pool. They target Inklings that are above ground in human form and are able to launch inkstrikes at will. At the end of each Octostriker orientated level, the Octostriker will fly out of the pool awkwardly and fly around the UFO while launching inkstrikes. It doesn't fly around the UFO Constantly, but will start backing up as the player approaches it, making it harder for the player to attack it. The player must splat the Octostriker while it is being protected by other Octarians and launching Inkstrikes at the player. Once defeated, the Octostriker will pop, revealing the Zapfish in the pool of ink.

Names in Other Languages

Langauge Name Notes
Japanese トルネードタコプター
Torunēdo Takoputā
Tornado Octopus + Copter