Octostamps (タコスタンプ, Tako Sutanpu / Octopus Stamp) are Octarian fighters in Hero Mode's Octo Valley.


The primary attack of an Octostamp is attempting to jump on you on their inky face. Should you be caught, you will instantly lose a life.

In order to defeat them, you must wait for them to try and squish you. Then open fire on their exposed backsides.


The Octostomps are cubes with a sponge-like face, covered in purple ink. On their backsides, there is a tentacle, like the Mighty Octostomp, and other bosses, excluding DJ Octavio.


  • The Octostamps are just smaller versions of the first boss in Hero Mode, the Mighty Octostomp.
  • They will make sponges smaller if they face plant one.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese タコスタンプ
Tako Sutanpu
Octopus Stamp

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