Octolings (Japanese: タコゾネス Takozonesu, portmanteau of 蛸 tako "octopus" and アマゾネス amazonesu "Amazoness") are a subspecies of Octarians and elite fighters that are the octopus equivalent to an Inkling.

Personality and traits

Like Inklings they have the ability to transform, but into octopuses. Octolings can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will. They make up an elite corps of the Octarian forces, and are heavily armed with bombs and ink guns.

It appears that only female Octolings are in Hero Mode, but DJ Octavio may be an Octarian with the ability to transform between two forms at will. Octolings may have been the main opponent of the Inklings in the Great Turf War.

Octolings appear to have the most aggressive AI when compared to other Octarians, and can pull off any move the player can. There are two versions of the Octoling : the one pictured on the right, and the second, which features blackish hair with seaweed on the sides.

These elite Octolings with seaweed on the sides are called デラタコゾネス Deratakozonesu in Japanese. (meaning something like deluxe, or decorated Octoling). It should be noted that in the later stages of Hero Mode, these upgraded versions of Octolings may appear and are harder to splat than regular Octolings.

According to their original Japanese name, Takozonesu (from octopus and Amazoness), they all are female. In fact, the Octolings that the player encounters appear to be female.

However, male Octolings may exist. In one of the Sunken Scrolls, there appears to be a humanoid form male Octarian and Cap'n Cuttlefish. Judging by the hat and the plant under the Octarian's arm, it could be a humanoid DJ Octavio. He may be a male Octoling.


To deal with the Octolings, use some of the following strategies:

  • The Octolings jump frequently, so hit them while they are on the ground.
  • Octolings shoot bombs frequently, so send Seekers at them.
  • If in trouble go into squid mode and swim away, they don't follow you if you do.
  • Throw all sorts of bombs at them if you don't have a long range weapon.
  • When surrounded by enemy ink, the Octolings will attempt to swim away in octopus form, but they will be trapped by your ink and move far slower. When you find an Octoling flailing in an attempt to get away, take the chance while it's slowed.


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