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Species Clown Fish
Gender Male
Location Annie's head
Shop Cooler Heads
— Moe, when entering the hat shop while under level 4
Moe (Japanese: クマノ Kumano) is a clownfish who lives on top of Annie's head. He runs the Annie's shop, Cooler Heads alongside Annie, brashly critiquing players based on their rank and style.[1]

Personality and traits

Though Moe acts tough, he stubbornly refuses to leave Annie's head and never does anything on his own.[2][3]

It is hinted at in the nineteenth Sunken Scroll that Moe is manipulating Annie, whose hair he lives in. It states, "Is the big fluffy one providing shelter for the little fishy one, or is the little fishy one manipulating the big fluffy one? We may never know…"


  • Once the player reaches Level 20, after Annie complements the player on their freshness, Moe will shout, "I'M STILL FRESHER!"
  • When the player visits the hat shop at level 10, Moe will shout "YOU'RE STILL A NERD!"
  • When the player buys a hat, Moe will shout "YOU'LL BE BACK!"
  • When the player selects a hat and then decides not to buy it or he/she has it already, Moe will scream "WASTIN' OUR TIME!"
  • "YER BROKE!" is what Moe will say when the player tries to buy a hat they can't afford.
  • When the player comes in, Moe yells "GIVE US YER CASH!" and Annie then greets the player.



  • Characterized as a goldfish with an attitude, Moe may be a reference to the title character of the Disney•Pixar film Finding Nemo.


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