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Artwork of Jelonzo.
Species Blue Jellyfish
Gender Male
Location Jelly Fresh
Shop Jelly Fresh

Jelonzo (Japanese: エチゼン Echizen) is a blue jellyfish that owns Jelly Fresh, a clothing store in Booyah Base.

Personality and traits

Jelonzo is the charismatic clerk that runs the clothing shop. With his uncanny sense for the hottest trends, he is viewed as a fashion god of sorts by all the young squids in town. He hails from distant waters and has a strange way of speaking that can make it difficult to understand him, but that may be one of the secrets of his success.[1]

He looks much like the other jellyfish in Inkopolis , albeit larger. His jelly is blue-purple, and he wears a white and purple baseball cap with a purple brim, a blue and black striped scarf, and a white t-shirt bearing the image of some sort of fuzzy black eyeball.


  • Jelonzo's name comes from the word "jelly," as he is a jellyfish, and the name Alonzo. 
  • As stated in the Splatoon Direct, Jelonzo is the only known jellyfish to speak the language used by the Inklings.
  • Jelonzo changes shirts every day, as stated in the Splatoon Direct.



  1. Post from US Splatoon Tumblr.

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