To celebrate the release of Splatoon, it was confirmed in the Splatoon Direct that players who had pre-ordered or purchased Splatoon from Gamestop would received special access to Inkling Costumes for their Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. It was also confirmed that players in Europe could  purchase these costumes on June 15th.

Inkling Hats and Outfits

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Inkling costumes.

Both the outfits and hats of the male and female Inklings will be available as one item set. These costumes are represented in the characters respective default colours of orange for female and blue for male.

Squid Hat

The Squid hat in its default colour of green will also be available with the other outfits but as a seperate item. It is unknown if it is purchasable with the other costumes as a bundle. No outfit comes with this hat unlike the others.   

Squid hat on inkling boy outfit.