Signs and logos for Booyah Base's shops are written in Inkling.

The Inkling language is the language spoken primarily by Inklings. Most, if not all, of the game's graphics and voice clips are in Inkling.

While many have tried to decipher the language, nobody has been able to make any real progress toward this goal. The structure, vocabulary, and grammar of the language are still unknown. It is believed that, rather than being a real language or cipher like The Legend of Zelda's Hylian, Inkling is not translatable.


Forge's logo appears to read FORリマ, or Forima. This is Forge's name in Japan.

Inkling appears to be a conglomerate of English, Japanese and some Cyrillic script. In fact, some Inkling seems identical to these languages. For instance, text in some brand logos can be read as the brand's Japanese name, and Inklings sometimes say a phrase phonetically similar to "ready" in battle. In some other cases, Inkling looks just like the English Alphabet, with letters that appear to be English and can be read easily.
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