The Inkjet is a Special Weapon in Splatoon 2.


When the Inkjet is activated, a marker will be left on the ground and the Inkling using it will take off, propelling itself with two jets of ink. While is this mode, the Inkling is able to shoot shots that have similar properties to Blaster shots, exploding after traveling a certain distance, with a direct hit being a one-hit kill. The Inkjet will glow red when the special is about to end. When the Special timer runs out, the Inkling will Super Jump back to the place where the Inkjet was first activated.


Like all special weapons, the Inkjet must be charged by splattering ink on the ground. Once charged, the player can click the right analog stick to utilize it. When launched, a message with the player's image and the special used (in this case the Inkjet) will appear on the right side of the screen for teammates to see.


  • Do not activate the Inkjet where enemies can easily see you. An opposing Inkling can easily wait and splat you when you Super Jump back.
  • Keep your movement unpredictable. Moving in a certain direction or not moving at all will make it extremely easy for any opponent to splat you. Chargers are extremely dangerous, as they can pick you off from long distances.
  • Remember to shot lead, as Inkjet shots travel very, very slowly. Try and predict where enemies will be when the shot arrives.
  • Wait for the perfect moment to fire, instead of blindly firing. A timed shot that insta-kills the opponent is better than firing multiple shots that miss, as due to the slow rate of fire, missed shots will not only waste valuable time, but give the enemy more time to splat you.
  • Above all, do NOT rush any weapon head-on, as you will most likely lose the fight. Instead, sneak around and strike when the enemy is unsuspecting.


  • Check the top of the screen regularly to see if any opponents have kits with the Inkjet. If the bar at the top shows an opponent with a charged Inkjet, stay alert and look around regularly to be aware of the Inkjet.
  • Remember to move around often, as Inkjet bullets travel very slowly, making them easy to dodge if you can move around quickly enough. As the Splat Dualies, the Dodge Roll can evade the shots quite well. Be careful of the explosions as well.
  • As Rollers, use the vertical flick to your advantage. A well aimed flick or two will definitely splat the Inkjet user.
  • Chargers will have a very easy time against Inkjets if you see them coming. One precise shot will splat the Inkjet user.


Main Sub Special
Splat Dualies Curling Bomb Inkjet
Splash-o-matic Toxic Mist Inkjet
Octobrush Autobomb Inkjet