The Inkbrush is a Main Roller weapon in Splatoon. The weapon was released on June 6th, 2015.


The Inkbrush is a Roller-type weapon. It comes in a set with the Sprinkler and the Inkstrike. It is similar in ability to the Splat Roller, but covers a more narrow area at a much higher speed. Its shake time is also low, allowing for rapid paint flicks which fit the paintbrush theme. However, the Inkbrush is weak, as it takes 5 direct hits from the brush or 4 paint flicks. With the rapid shaking ability, paint flicking is a better option than running someone over, as you will get knocked back several times by direct hits. Much like the Splat Roller the Inkbrush can be used as a sort of melee weapon that splatters some ink in front of an Inkling. It was released in a post-release update in the game.

Inkbrush in use

Inkbrush in use.

Weapon Quote

"A newly developed weapon with high mobility and a sturdy brush design. Its ink trail is narrow, but it inks the ground at incredible speed and delivers swift close-range attacks."


  • Extremely fast speed.
  • Fast attack speed.
  • Flicking is much faster.
  • Perfect for running and being a distraction.
  • Inkstrike can support your team.
  • Excellent ink coverage for areas below one's position, while flicking from an elevated position, such as inking the splat zones in Blackbelly Skatepark from the central tower structure. This is because each flick sends three glob particles of ink, while each flick can be as short as 0.117 seconds.


  • Short Range makes it harder to hit with.
  • Bad Damage requires you to catch opponents from their backs.
  • Fragile and can easily be knocked by fast firing Shooters.
  • Consumes ink quickly.


  • This could mainly be used as an assassination item as of the speed boost
  • Due to the fast speed you can receive, you can pull off hit and run tactics on the enemy and escape cleanly.
  • Try wearing gear that has Damage Up and Ninja Squid. This allows you to do more damage quickly and escape faster before the enemy arrives to finish you off.
  • As a speedy roller, distract the enemy and terrorize them as much as you can. When the enemies try to group up against you and finish you off, drop an Inkstrike on yourself and watch them blow up.
  • Since it does barely any damage, the Inkstrike (as previously stated) is a great weapon to use.
  • Try using its sub weapon, the Sprinkler, in choke points (small gaps) so the enemies have to run through it, or hit it from a distance before going through the gap.


  • As an Inkbrusher, your goal is to keep away from the enemy and terrorize them as much as you can. Your Inkstrike can assist allies near or far and Sprinkler can help colour chokepoints.


  • Using the Blaster can help you take them out with the splash damage.
  • The Seeker can be devastating towards Inkbrushers if they are unaware of it coming towards them. In case it does not hit, follow up the trail the Seeker leaves in their path to get up close to kill.
  • Cornering Inkbrushers can prevent an escape, since they do not have escape tools.
  • Using the Disruptor can slow down Inkbrushers and stop their escape, allowing them to be easily hit and forcing them into squid form.
  • Inkbrushers do barely any damage, therefore if you catch them off guard, they may get one hit on you before dying.
  • Each swing of the Inkbrush will flick three glob particles of ink. However if one is right next to the target, the Inkbrush will only do optimal (28.0) damage, and the additional glob particles of ink will not be flicked at all.
  • If one stands a few steps away from the target and swings the Inkbrush, it is possible to find that more than one glob particle of ink will hit the target, increasing damage! If one is at this ideal range, it is quite easy to splat an opponent in three swings, or if one is really lucky only two swings.
  • At its fastest, the Inkbrush can perform a single flick in 0.117 seconds. The fastest each flick the Inkbrush can be flicked at is


  • The Inkbrush is clearly based off of a paintbrush despite being a roller type weapon.
  • The Inkbrush is based on a 'mop' type paintbrush, despite being the narrower brush of the two, the other being the Octobrush.
  • The Inkbrush's Japanese name is based of the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.
  • The Inkbrush was released on June 5th (6th in EU), 2015.

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese パブロ Pablo (Pablo Picasso)
French (NA) Épinceau
German Quasto


Splatoon - Inkbrush DLC Weapon Tour!01:39

Splatoon - Inkbrush DLC Weapon Tour!

The Inkbrush in action. Video from GameXplain.


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