Ink railing

A squid using an Ink Railing.

Ink Railings (Inkrails in the NA version) are one of the mechanics of Hero Mode in Splatoon as well as some multiplayer stages in Splatoon 2. An alternative to Launchpads, Inkrails can be used by Inklings in squid form after large nodes are splatted.


Ink Railings are thin lines of ink between at least two spherical nodes. Each node has one or more holes shaped like the lip of a cannon, which are positioned at different angles around the node to divert the flow of ink or outright fork the rail. Oftentimes, a bigger node must be covered in ink before an Ink Railing can be used.

While in squid form, an Inkling can use an Ink Railing as a zip-line of sorts. Movement along an Ink Railing, which is controlled with the L-Stick, is relatively quick. If the player presses X on an Ink Railing, his or her Inkling will jump higher than usual. However, most Ink Railings are positioned over a bottomless pit, so returning to Inkling form or misaiming a jump can be lethal.

Unlike Launchpads, Ink Railings can be used to travel back in a level, which can be very helpful when obtaining Sunken Scrolls, as if you miss one, but know where it is, you can easily get it

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