The Ink Mine is a Sub Weapon in Splatoon 2.


An Ink Mine is placed on the floor directly under the user, in the middle of a small puddle of ink placed at the same time. It is invisible to the enemy team except for a glowing light the color of the Ink Mine's team. The one having placed the mine will also see a circle of light around the mine, indicating it's activation range, as well as an Ink Mine icon, always pointing towards the mine, even when it is off-screen or behind walls, which change if the mine is triggered to alert the owner.

The Ink Mine is triggered if an opponent goes in the range of the mine or if enemy ink lands directly on the mine. Once triggered, the Ink Mine will glow brightly and emit a beeping sound for one second before blowing up.

When blowing up, ink will be sent flying in a radius 1.5 times bigger than the ink's activation range, and a motion sensor will be triggered in an area 2 times bigger than the activation range. The mine's owner will also hear the mine's beeping sound regardless of distance and the Ink Mine icon he had on his screen will pulsate, get bigger and will have a red x on it to make it crystal clear that the mine went off. Opponents caught in the inking radius will receive 35 damages and those which were only touched by the motion sensor will get 20, making the Ink Mine a pretty non-lethal weapon. The motion sensor's effects last for a base time of 5 seconds.


It is possible to own up to 2 Ink Mines at a time. If a third is placed, the oldest mine will be removed. The only exception to this is if that said oldest mine was being activated when a third mine was placed.

It is not possible to place a mine in the activation range of another, even if this mine would remove the one in place, meaning that if you messed you placing by an inch (if that could happen), you'll have to either wait for an enemy or place two more to retry to place it.

Ink Mine Placing
Ink Mine explosion