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Hero Roller Replica
Inkling boy wielding a Hero Roller Replica
Type Main
Required Level 3
Cost 1200
Splash Damage 25-125
Roll Damage 140
55 / 100
Ink Speed
55 / 100
40 / 100
Sub Weapon Suction Bomb
Special Weapon Killer Wail

The Hero Roller Replica is a Main Roller weapon in Splatoon.

Hero Mode

The Hero Roller is not available during regular Hero Mode. To use the Hero Roller, the player must buy an Inkling Boy amiibo and play its challenges. In these challenges, the player plays certain levels in Hero Mode, but with a Hero Roller. The Hero Roller cannot be upgraded. The blueprints for the Hero Roller Replica are received after completing the fifth boss challenge.


Roller 1

Hero Roller Replica in Multiplayer

Roller 2

Store Icon

When the player finishes the challenge and defeats DJ Octavio, they will get the blueprints made by Ammoses Shellendorf, Sheldon's grandpappy. If the blueprints are brought to Ammo Knights, Sheldon will only give the player a replica of the blueprint as he cannot copy the technology inside. Even though it looks like the Hero Roller, it is only a replica and it has the same stats and weapon set as the Splat Roller.

Weapon Quote

"A sweet replica created by Sheldon from his grandfather's blueprints. It looks funky fresh, to be sure, but apparently it's just a regular Splat Roller with a fancy paint job..."

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese ヒーローローラー レプリカ Hero Roller Replica
German Heldenroller Replika Hero Roller Replica


Splatoon Hero Roller Replica Training Area00:43

Splatoon Hero Roller Replica Training Area

Hero Roller Replica in the Testing Range

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