The Curling Bomb is a Sub Weapon in Splatoon 2.


The Curling Bomb moves in a straight line when it is deployed, ricocheting off walls in a similar fashion to a curling stone. The Curling Bomb will explode into ink in a similar fashion to Splat Bombs and Suction Bombs when either the Curling Bomb comes into contact with an enemy inkling or the meter on the Curling Bomb fills fully. In the latter case, the bomb will slowly come to a stop before exploding. The Curling Bomb can also be "cooked" by holding down the R button, causing the meter to fill beforehand and thus causing the bomb to explode sooner.


Curling Bombs are primarily used to divert the opponent's attention, as the opposing inkling will have to worry about the Curling Bomb as well as the player shooting at the opponent. As such, this split of concentration from the opponent will make it more likely the player will be able to shoot the opponent and splat him, or the bomb will collide with the opponent and splat him.

Alternatively, Curling Bombs will work especially well in small corners, where the Curling Bomb will continuously bounce, requiring the enemy to be extremely skilled to dodge the bomb. Using these on enemies that are staying in a small area, especially unsuspecting ones, will almost guarantee a kill.


Curling Bombs are almost completely harmless if the player stays alert and is not in a tight area. Although these are similar to Seekers, they do not home in on their target, making them much easier to dodge.

If the player cannot dodge the bomb, for whatever reason, shooting at the bomb or throwing ink at it will be able to knock the Curling Bomb away. forcing it to travel in a different direction.


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  • When the Curling Bomb is about to explode due to the timer running out, it will emit a sound similar to a primed Splat Bomb.