Crusty Sean (Japanese: ロブ Robu / Rob or Lob) is a Japanese tiger prawn that owns Shrimp Kicks in the Booyah Base.

In Splatoon 2, he manages a food truck that sells food that grants the player Abilities in multiplayer matches.

Personality and Traits

Crusty Sean is known to be carelessly friendly and is obsessed with wearing many of his favorite shoes all at the same time thanks to having many legs.[1] While his "fried" body gives him the look of a tempura, it is actually just a slightly morbid designer jacket.[2]

Sean is a bright red prawn. Besides his fluffy tempura jacket, he wears a blue beanie and sneakers on all of his legs, except his front claws. He stands on one pair of legs while keeping the other three pairs folded in front of him. He also has a pair of antennae sprouting from the sides of his face.


  • Crusty Sean's name is a play on the word "crustacean."



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