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Coins are the currency used to purchase items in shops, such as weapons and clothing. They can be obtained through multiplayer battles such as Turf War, Splat Zones, and Tower Control as well as by completing amiibo challenges. Gear bought with coins can only be used in multiplayer battles while you are unable to use them in the singleplayer campain. The Singleplayer mode, Hero Mode, has its own type of currency, the Power Egg, resembling fish eggs. In the game, these coins are refered to as cash.

In Turf War, the amount of coins you earn is exactly equal to the amount of points worth of terrain you cover in your team's ink, while in Ranked Battles you earn coins based on your rank. From levels 1 to 20, the amount of coins you earn in multiplayer is also equal to the amount of experience you get.


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