The Splattershot, Splat Charger, and Splat Roller.

There are seven types of Main Weapons in Splatoon:

The Shooter, the Blaster, the Charger, the Roller, the Brush, the Slosher, and the Splatling.


Shooters are mid-range rapid fire weapons, with great versatility and the capability of tackling almost any situation. Shooters boast the largest number of weapons available in the game, and each weapon can be drastically different. Shooters boast 3 different subtypes as well, the regular shooters, the blasters, and the semi-automatic weapons.

Splattershot Line

Aerospray Line

Gal Line

N-Zap Line

Splash-o-matic Line

Squelcher Line

Nozzlenose Line


Blasters are short-range weapons that excel in close combat. A shot from a blaster sends out a compact wad of ink that explodes shortly after. One or two well placed shots from a blaster is often enough to take out close foes.

Standard Blaster Line

Luna Blaster Line

Rapid Blaster Line


Chargers are slow long-range weapons which excel in taking down players from afar. Each shot can be charged, and upon being fully charged it's generally capable of killing an enemy player in one hit. Some chargers even have a scope, which gets a zoomed-in view for accurate aiming while fully charged, in trade-off to a smaller viewing area.

Splat Charger Line

Squiffer Line

E-Liter Line

Bamboozler Line


Rollers are short to medium-range weapons which excel at covering areas in ink. Rollers leave a wide trail of ink as the player runs and are powerful in close combat when flicking ink or rolling over enemies.

Splat Roller Line

Dynamo Line

Carbon Roller Line


Brushes are an unofficial subclass of Rollers that excel in short range combat and speed. Brushes leave a thin trail of ink as the player runs and can quickly flick ink to cover turf and splat enemy players.

Inkbrush Line

Octobrush Line


Sloshers are mid-range weapons that excel at splatting enemies. These weapons appear to take the form of a bucket, and are used by throwing a large amount of ink in an arc. By adjusting the angle, these weapons can be used to splat opponents who are up high or even on the other side of a wall.

Standard Slosher Line

Tri-Slosher Line

Sloshing Machine Line


Splatlings are mid to long-range weapons that are capable of firing ink at an alarming rate in bursts in the style of a minigun. Much like the Charger class of weapons, to execute these weapons' highest potential they must be charged. Splatlings however actually charge twice, the first charge determines the range of the weapon's fire and the second faster charge determines how long the weapon fires.

Heavy Splatling Line

Mini Splatling Line

Hydra Splatling Line


Splatoon - NEW Weapons Revealed (Nintendo Direct 5.7

Splatoon - NEW Weapons Revealed (Nintendo Direct 5.7.15)


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