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Camp Triggerfish

Camp Triggerfish (Japanese: モンガラキャンプ場 Mongara Kyampu-jou / Clown Triggerfish Campsite) is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon. It appears to be a wooden fort built over a lake, surrounded by a thick forest.

The map is used in multiple game modes, such as Regular Battle, Ranked Battle, and (perhaps) Battle Dojo. It was released on July 24th, 2015 at 7 PM PST (America) or July 25th, 2015 at 7 AM PST (Europe).


Camp Triggerfish is a lake side summer camp for Squids of all ages. The battleground features two large wooden dock which do not normally connect to one another. With water surrounding the entire stage, traversing can be a hazard.

There are only two initial ways to gain access to the enemy's side, both spanning from the net walkways on the far left of the map. These rope paths will either drop directly to the central pathways or go directly in front of the enemy's Respawn Point. Once the final minute has begun, the flood gates on either side will drop making access to the enemy dock much easier. In Ranked Battle the flood gates drop immediately at start.

Notable Locations

  • Central Pathways - While the two sides are separated, a central area allows for combat against each other while being seperated by a body of water.
  • Flood Gates - These two flood gates located at either end to the right of the Respawn Point. While they are normally raised, making access to the enemy half of the stage difficult, during the last minute the gates are lowered allowing for much easier access to all parts of the map.
  • Islands - On the left of each team's base is an island leading to the back wall of the central pathway. Taking this path allows for safe access and a higher vantage point to the center area

Ranked Battle

  • Splat Zones - This map contains two zones in Splat Zones, much like in Blackbelly Skatepark. Each Splat Zone is located on the central wooden pathways on either team's side closest to the center of the map. Be noticed that the flood gates will drop from the beginning so the players can easily access to both Splat Zones.
  • Tower Control - There will be a bridge on the center map that connecting both path and the tower's path is located above water so it is easy to fall off the tower. The tower track is currently the longest track in this mode.
  • Rainmaker - The Rainmaker is located on a newly placed bridge in the center area between the two docks. The Rainmaker must be taken to a pillar located just through the flood gates near the rival Respawn Point. Inkable pillars and platforms are supplied on both sides to make access to the enemy dock easier.


  • Water - The entire camp is situated on top of a lake. Water covers all the surrounding area as well as the areas between the pathways. Falling in the water will splat an Inkling.
  • Nets - Various rope net pathways comprise the connecting points of the two divided sections of Camp Triggerfish and various protruding platforms, turning into a squid while on these net walkways will most likely result in plummeting into the water below.


  • This map was originally going to be included in the game's release, but the developers were unsatisfied with it, and re-made the map. They did this several times until they agreed on the current version you see in game. This is referenced during the Squid Sisters' news:
    • Callie: “Apparently they've rebuilt this place tons of times!”
    • Marie: “Why not pick a design and THEN start building it?”
  • There was a technique in Regular Battle and Splat Zones that the players can jump over to the opposite pathway on the center with squid dash.[1] This problem caused Camp Triggerfish missing from the Regular Battle's rotation since ver.2.0.0, and was modified by adding new bars on both side pathways after ver.2.1.0.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンガラキャンプ場
Mongara Kyanpu-jou
Clown Triggerfish Campsite
French (NA) Hippo-Camping
German Camp Schützenfisch Camp Archerfish