The Bubble Blower is a DLC special weapon in Splatoon 2.


The Bubble Blower allows players to create three large bubbles. The bubbles slowly move and bounce in the direction the player fired them. As the bubbles move, they grow when hit by the user's ink and shrink when hit by the opposing team's ink. If the player or their team pops the bubble, a lethal blast of ink splats any enemy close to the bubble and inks the area. If too much time passes without a bubble being popped, or if the enemy pops one, it will fizzle away without a deadly blast of ink.


  • Damage values: 250, 100, 50.
  • Touch damage: Same as Ink Storm.
  • Special use duration: 8 seconds.
  • Bubble max duration: 18 seconds.
  • Bubble HP for allies: 400 HP.
    • HP doubled for enemies.
  • Special Power Up: Bubble size and blast radius increased.
  • Object Shredder: Increases damage the bubble deals to objects, and increases damage dealt to the bubble.