The Bomb Launcher is a upcoming in Splatoon 2.


The special is similar to the Bomb Rush special, but allows players to throw the bombs farther and with greater accuracy. It seperates itself from the Bomb Rush in the fact that the bombs fired are not dependent on the player's Sub Weapon.



Curling Bomb

Main Sub Special
Aerospray MG Suction Bomb Curling Bomb Launcher

Splat Bomb

Main Sub Special
Flingza Roller Splash Wall Splat Bomb Launcher
Rapid Blaster Ink Mine Splat Bomb Launcher

Suction Bomb

Main Sub Special
Dapple Dualies Squid Beakon Suction Bomb Launcher
Firefin Splat Charger Splash Wall Suction Bomb Launcher
Firefin Splatterscope Splash Wall Suction Bomb Launcher