• Creepypasta1guy

    I have a camp on Discord called Battle Of The Inklings (BOTI)

    join here:

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  • TattleangusMLG

    Splatoon 1-Athon!

    August 29, 2018 by TattleangusMLG

    The Splatoon 1-Athon Will Be When Ever You See Me Online In Private Games If You Use My Friend Code

    Come With 0% Dualies And 100% Any Splatoon 1 Weapon

    Come With Short Pants And The Man Bun For Inkling Boys And Long Hair For Inkling Girls

    I Hope You’ll Have Alot Of Fun At Splatoon 1-Athon!

    Friend Code: 3897-7892-9476

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  • TattleangusMLG

    Woomy Peace Today

    August 22, 2018 by TattleangusMLG

    Everyone! Woomy United Today Was Disbanded Awhile Back!! We Won't Stand For This!! We Are Starting Woomy Peace Today!! Add [WPT] To Your Name To Help Make Woomy Peace!!

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  • TattleangusMLG


    August 7, 2018 by TattleangusMLG

    Hello! Everyone! This Is My First Time At The Splatoon 2 Wiki!

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  • FreezingTNT

    This is serious, people need to stop shipping the Squid Sisters, who are actually cousins. Incest is wrong, and you can get locked up for a long period of time. In fact, someone suggested way back in 2002 that rapists and incestuous people should be punished by the DEATH PENALTY. (evidence here)

    Take my advice, incest is evil and this needs to stop. NOW. Listen to me, you guys are toxic, and you need to learn that incest shipping is evil and toxic. Tell me your thoughts below.

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  • Marie squidsister

    i want this on splatoon NOW 

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  • Night Rowlet

    Splatfests Ideas

    April 19, 2018 by Night Rowlet

    Here are my Splatfest ideas, each with their own announcements and with results.

    Pearl: Rev up those fryers because this Splatfest is all about the tastiest food in Inkopolis Square. And no, we ain't talking about Cake or Ice Cream.

    Marina: What do you crave for in the Crust Bucket? A creamy stack of Shwaffles or a pleasing meal of a Seanwich.

    Pearl: I'd eat big, so Shwaffles it is!

    Marina: Bleh, do you know how much sugar is in that stuff?

    Pearl: Oh please, have you seen the Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle? That thing has all the sugar I need to stay up. Plus it increases my battle cash.

    Marina: You should be more concern about your health. I, on the other hand prefer to go for a Seanwich. Those things are less difficult to eat even you don't ne…

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  • JustMonikaBB

    Team Mid-ink 

    Lincoln- Flying squid. He's the captain of the team. He spends his time polishing his E-liter 4k. He's a good charger and despite his slow-charged weapon, he's pretty hard to splat. In his spare time he part-time works at a coffee shop. His personality is a fun type, he also gets flustered easily sometimes. Probably 'dating' Jackie. 

    Jackie- Coconut octopi. A second offensive member of the team. She likes to sneak through hiding routes and lanes to get to enemy bases(Example: Blackbelly Skatepark). She uses her dodge-roll with her Splat dualies when she either wants to escape a projectile or enemy, or just use it for a quick walking. Her things she does is.. quite secretive, so some don't know what she does. Her personality is …

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  • CalamariGirl

    My Splatfest Ideas

    March 19, 2018 by CalamariGirl
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  • Marie Agent 2

    What happened to agent 3 well  well agent 3 is not in spaltoon 2 but why    as you know if you heard me saying agent 3 was hanging around with our grandpa  they are no stuff we know about what happened  but people keep 

    fighting about agent 3 gender but she is a canonically a female

    but what truely happened to agent 3 comment below and ill be glad to reply

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  • Marie Agent 2
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  • Bluecats

    Octolings and octarians used to use pink ink. Callie's hair was pink and she got kidnapped.

    In octo expansion, they use teal ink. Marina has teal hair. Marina is going to be kidnapped in Octo expansion. It's a simple theory, but nobody has thought of it yet...

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  • EpicMFan

    Splatoon News Update 1

    November 28, 2017 by EpicMFan

    Hi! Here Are The News This Week:

    Splatfest 1 Is On: Splatoon VS Splatoon 2! To Vote, Go To My Talk Page And As Title, Type ‘Splatfest Vote’ And Type Yes Or No.

    But Until Next Time: Stay Fresh!

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  • CoolGamer500

    Create An Article Wiki is a little short on people. Click "My Website" Or just Click the link to the Wiki.

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  • 2io


    November 11, 2017 by 2io

    Hi guys I am here to help this wiki. How do you become an admin?

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  • Allison the fairy


    October 15, 2017 by Allison the fairy

    Sup peeps

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  • OctoreidSplatoon

    Hello There! I have some activities you could do in Splatoon Wiki. Please see the activities below:

    Octostriker, Pearl, Squid Sisters and DJ Octavio

    Octodancer, Mini Octodancer, DJ Octoreid, Octvictims of Imaginite (Group of My made up Octarians) and DJ Octoreid's Soda (Something that DJ Octoreid drinks to make him stronger)

    There aren't any games to play at the moment.

    (The game comes as an article.)

    There will be more stuff to do eventually!

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  • OctoreidSplatoon


    October 3, 2017 by OctoreidSplatoon


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  • TgDg44

    Inkbrush underated

    September 26, 2017 by TgDg44

    So I have started playing Splatoon 2, only level 8 and i like Inkbrush, i barely see anyone play it and it's my favorite weapon, so i think it's underated, any other Inkbrush users out there? and if not, what are your thoughts on it?

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  • Octo-Shower

    It's frustrating when you're a boss and the player beats you.

    It's even more frustrating when he puts pause and goes on vacation, forgetting his switch, and leaving me here to do nothing for 9 months.

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  • Thomasgamer4000


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  • HorsesDrivingVans


    July 21, 2017 by HorsesDrivingVans

    Personally, I think Octolings look very cute, perhaps cuter than their Inkling rivals. They are like little walking red-haired dolls that enjoy mischief in their attacks.

    And there are three fun things about them:

    1. Some really like Octolings so much, that they will even hack the game just to play as an Octoling (so players in their servers will have their games corrupted until they leave).

    2. Because Marina is a black-haired Octoling (and her dark-skin and her clothing can make her stand out against all the other known Octolings), a possible story of her life as an Elite Octoling and her journey to Inkopolis will make an interesting story.

    But even then, just because her status as an Octoling makes her more popular than her friend Pearl, it …

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  • Splatterboy

    I apologize for everything i have done a year or so ago,I hope you all can forgive me.

    I will be active as much as and I will help the community to grow.

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  • P.chraca

    The points you make in the global testfire, do they save and be carry over to the full game?

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  • Dark M clowN

    Hello there, nice to meet you!

    I'm new to the Splatoon franchise. I don't have the Wii U so I never got the chance to enjoy the original Splatoon. But I did participate on Global Testfire for four rounds, one hour each. Based on the experience, the camera and control are the biggest challenges for me. I got used to it by a little bit by the 2nd and 3rd round, but still not enough since most of the players are so darn good and very fluid on splatting people around, I'm pretty sure none of them are newcomers.

    For the camera, the motion control is a bit confusing at first. There's an option to turn it off, but relying on just one analog stick to handle the camera didn't works well for me. So, I ended up just having the motion control but with l…

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  • AgentMuffin

    Reorganizing the wiki to accommodate the existence of Splatoon 2 has not been easy. In addition to reworking pages that could previously assume the existence of only the Wii U installment, we'll also have to start categorizing articles by game.

    Here is an overview of some new categories to add.

    • Category:Splatoon
      For anything appearing in the original Splatoon.
    • Category:Splatoon 2
      For anything appearing in Splatoon 2. A page can have both the Splatoon and Splatoon 2 categories if its subject appears in both games.
    • Category:Splatoon Characters, ” Gear, ” Weapons, ” Locations, ” Modes [ditto marks used here for brevity]
      For characters/gear/etc. appearing in the original Splatoon. These are to be added in addition to the general Splatoon and Characters/etc. …
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  • Orko2814

    Today at 11am PDT, Fandom will be presenting a 2 hour live stream of Splatoon 2 Beta gameplay. We'll be streaming this on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

    Don't forget to 'Like" and follow us on all our social media channels. This includes the ones mentioned above, as well as Instagram and Twitter. Turn on the notifications if you want to stay informed of any time we go live!

    Join me in the Facebook Live chat during the stream today! Comment here if you've checked it out or are planning to!

    UPDATE - Sorry guys! Looks like we're running a little late. Should be online anytime now. Stay tuned!

    UPDATE 2 - Here's the link to the video of the live stream in case you missed it -

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  • Burgerboy300

    Here is a list of similarities between the Squid Sisters and the Mario Bros.

    Trait Squid Sisters Mario Bros
    Headwear They wear small decorative hats. They wear plumber caps.
    Character iconicy They are 2 of the most famous popstars in Inkopolis. They are 2 of the most famous characters in gaming history.
    Music iconicy They have some of the most famous music in Inkopolis. They have one of the most iconic songs in gaming history.
    Main colors Callie's color is hot pink. Marie's color is light green. Mario's color is red. luigi's color is green.
    Handwear White gloves. White gloves.
    Footwear Boots. Boots. Read more >
  • CITRONtanker

    Here are all of the weapons and stages I see appearing in Splatoon 2 (Splattershot, Splat a Roller, Spkat Charger, Heavy Splatling, and Moray Towers are all confirmed) Weapons: Splattershot Jr N-Zap 85 Splash-O-Matic Sploosh-O-Matic .52 Gal Areospray MG Carbon Roller Inkbrush Octobrush Dynamo Roller Splatterscope E-Liter 3K Mini Splatling Slosher Tri Slosher Sloshing Machine New Dualie weapon Stages: Urchin Underpass Walleye Warehouse Saltspray Rig Hammerhead Bridge Ancho-V Games Port Mackeral Kelp Dome

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  • BRS133

    N-Zap 89 v. Aerospray RG

    January 21, 2017 by BRS133

     I don't know if it's just me, but is the N-Zap 89 just an upgrade to the Aerospray RG?

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  • AgentMuffin
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  • Ohaiyousoro!

    I'm only level 5, and im facing against level 50's.. 

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    There Will Be A Splat2n! , Splat2n Could Be Released On April 13th 2017! , There Is Something  i Have To Say.....We Need Splatoon To Have A Sequel!

    Petition Here!

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  • Splatfest

    Weapons Update

    June 11, 2016 by Splatfest

    Sheldon's Picks Volume 1 has been available for a while now so it is important we make new pages for the new weapons as well as for Sloshing Machine Neo. I believe that should be our priority in order to keep up with the new weapons which will be available soon as a part of Sheldon's Picks Volume 2.

    Your sincrely


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  • Zoura3025

    Zoura's Weapon Bios

    June 1, 2016 by Zoura3025

    Hey everyone! Zoura here with sone personalized weapon bios, and I won't delay:

    What a versitile weapon! Any set, anywhere, this main can surely prove useful in many scenarios. Note: Due to the nature of the weapon, it is a generalist, causing it to "fall short" in long range battles.

    The better of the two semi-auto weapons, this weapon can outrange many common weapons, but can be tricky to use due to its semi-auto nature.

    Not a bad weapon, with decent range and high attack power, either set can push this weapon to it's full potential!

    Holy ink! This thing is a huge powerhouse on steroids and back! With charger-rivaling range and heavy attack power to boot, this can back up any charger-less team!

    With good range and the infamously wide spread o…

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  • 763492

    Happy 1st "splatastic" anniversary to Splatoon and stay fresh!

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  • Overpowered Boom Beach

    If you don't know why I have been so inactive, it has been because I have quit Splatoon.

    Because of this, I will no longer update this wikia, but it has been a fun time with everyone.

    Ever since I got Wii U for my B-Day, I have played Splatoon. However, because they no longer add new unique weapons, it has gotten boring.

    Don't take this as if I have regretted the game. Everything comes to a point where it is not something you want to do. Besides, it has been fun being with you all.

    Splatoon has by far been my #1 game. Those who created it are truly some of the most talented game greators of all time. I have no regrets playing this game. I don't know how to live with Nintendo going out of buisness, they are too good.

    To finish this blog, I poste…

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  • Splatterboy

    I apologize for everything i have done 8 months ago i hope you all can forgive me.

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  • Kunzite-Spodumene

    So I was searching for reference of octoling, and I found a picture on iFunny that has "Octoling Development Process".

    Is it official or is it fanart?

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  • IceCreamChocolate

    Hello! As you know, the newest NA splatfest is Snowman vs Sandcastle. Which I'm not very enthusiastic about, since I don't live near an ocean and we never get the right kind of snow here in  the winter to build a snowman. But you can make a snowball with it. And if you find sticks, a carrot, and something for a face, you get a small snowman. That's why I chose Team Snowman. I also prefer the color blue, so...

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  • 763492

    Who would of guess how cool and interesting that two of fan's favorite characters the Squid Sisters has their own live concert in Japan. It looks pretty similar to that Hatsune Miku concert series where the characters are done in a holograms while they "performing" on stage. And also that look a cool idea to be translated as a theme park attraction version, am I right?

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  • StormieCreater

    Great News!

    March 7, 2016 by StormieCreater

    I have created a Splatoon Fanon Wiki!

    Here is the link!

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  • Awsome austin

    Whats this?

    February 15, 2016 by Awsome austin
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  • Awsome austin


    February 13, 2016 by Awsome austin
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  • Justdanceinkling

    Hey everyone! sorry I was away, I was just chilling on discord. So right now my goal is 400 edits and I'm a chat mod already, so I'll be very busy.

    If anyone needs me just comment or leave a message leave a message on my wall. Thank you!


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  • PlayR489

    Passed on Stuff

    January 30, 2016 by PlayR489

    I kinda have been busy with School (rip) and my potential eSports career in Smash Bros. for Wii U and Melee. But hey! I finally passed off my rights. Shadow The Wolf is head admin/beau, Splatfest is admin, and AgentMuffin is too. Sorry for being not around at all, and if any of you have to say something to me, message me on Twitter @PlayR489. Thanks, and I hope you all are responsible.

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  • Xjackbir91

    Stage and Weapon info

    January 23, 2016 by Xjackbir91

    Can someone add info to the weapons and stages since there is no more coming?

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  • Silver the wolf 28

    Hello, I'm back!

    January 17, 2016 by Silver the wolf 28

    Hello everyone! I have been taking a bit of a break of the wiki for a while (My splatoon clan has been busy, School has been a time sucker, and yeah.)but I'm back now! Thanks to Splatfest for editing a bunch while I was gone. I will be kicking things off with a weekly weapon strats, since its Sunday! Be sure to tell me the weapons you want me to spotlight. I also will be editing weapons more frequently. Thanks,--Silver (talk) 16:47, January 17, 2016 (UTC)Silver

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  • Splatfest

    Weapon Tiers

    January 16, 2016 by Splatfest

    We should make a tier for all Splatoon weapons since there are not going to be any new released.

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  • HunterTechron

    100 years ago, The octarians and the inklings (humanoid octopie and humanoid squids) were competing for land as the sea levels rose, after it fell exposing advanced marine life forms. Now, the sea levels are rising again. They decided to split the land up, with several islands going to the inklings and some islands going to the octarians. The strongest inkling, cuttlefish made a deal with Octavio, for a land switch. The inklings had weaker weapons than the octarians, but the inklings had more intelligence. When they shook tentacles, people moved from place to place within the traded land. Some staying some leaving (it was ok, octarians and inklings lived together), but when the inklings started moving into the ex-octarian land, hidden octo…

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