Species Sea anemone
Hair Color Pink / Green
Gender Female
Location Booyah Base
Shop Cooler Heads

Annie (Japanese: アネモ Anemo) is a character in Splatoon. She is a sea anemone who owns the headgear shop, Cooler Heads, in Booyah Base.

Personality and traits

Annie is extremely reserved and constantly ruminating, but she has many secret fans. Moe the clown fish lives atop her head. He talks a big game, but he staunchly refuses to leave the safety of Annie's head. [1]

Annie has a mass of fluffy pink-and-green anemone tendrils on her head, and wears thick-rimmed glasses, a colorful jacket, dark green dress, orange and black tights, and black boots. She also keeps a pair of large purple headphones around her neck and wears a starfish like a hair beret. It is not known if the starfish is real or sapient like Moe is.

It is hinted at in the nineteenth Sunken Scroll that Moe , the clownfish in Annie's hair, might be manipulating Annie. It states "Is the big fluffy one providing shelter for the little fishy one, or is the little fishy one manipulating the big fluffy one? We may never know... 



  • Working as a clerk for Cooler Heads


  • Moe's rude criticism about the costumers


  • Annie and Moe's combined names are a pun of the word "anemone," as their names sound like the "ane" and "mo" in anemone respectively.
  • Moe is a clownfish, who tend to take shelter in sea anemone.



  1. Post from Japanese Splatoon Twitter.

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