Ancho-V Games

Ancho-V Games

Ancho-V Games is the final multiplayer stage added in Splatoon. It features several new items.


Ancho-V Games is a large office complex with several high platforms and floors. It appears to also contain a game design studio, which likely is the inspiration for its name. It uniquely features the propeller fans that appear in certain levels in Octo Valley. When these fans are repeatedly splattered with ink, they cause the platform in which that holds the fan to rise, allowing the player to reach what were previously inaccessible locations. If left alone afterwards, the platform will slowly lower to its initial position.

Notable Locations

Fans, these are like the ones in Hero Mode but they have a different look. There are a few of them in the stage.

Splatoon - New Stage Squid Dance01:40

Splatoon - New Stage Squid Dance

Ranked Battle






Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
German Anchobit Games HQ Pun on Anchovy and Bit


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