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• 14h

Ask Splatoon 3 Squad!

I thought I'd do an ask thing for Splatoon 3 Part 4 Hype. You can ask Me, Sarah, Anne, Heather, Mike, and Judd. Stay fresh!
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• 17h

nintendo switch

does anyone know where i can find good deals? i really want the switch before January you know with frosty fest and all

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• 2d

La vie d'Ayo et Oly(the life of Callie and Marie)

Vu que les stars actuelle sont Perle et Coralie,ayo et Oly prennent un peu de repos
(In english: the actualy stars is pearl and Marina,so,callie and Marie take litle brake)
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• 3d

How can I have new weapons?

I haven't Splatoon 2 yet but I will. I don't know if for having new weapons do I have to play online. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
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• 3d

Aquien prefieres a Mar o a tina

Lol prefiero a Mar me encanta su alegria
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• 4d

Vidéo préférée

Coucou je vous conseille de les regarder ( je sais pas mettre des liens )

1 A Chill day... -Cody 101

2 10 idée de cadeaux splatoon -Evil Squid Splatoon

3 Best of Squid Party - Octoboy

4 J'ai trouvé la base secrète de Gumball-FullBoss

5 La Chaîne de Maeka Enderfox

Voilà c'est fini ... Attendez j'ai oublié de vous dire que vous pouvez faire les quizz que j'ai fait!
Si vous voulez les trouver aller sur Quizz Biz . Si vous les chercher mon Utilisateur c'est WoomySplatoon
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• 4d


my favorite wepon for both games are the octobrush what's yours
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• 4d

As the debate go's on about splatoon and spatoon 2,what specials are the best

  • splatoon 1's specials
  • splatoon 2's specials
  • both
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• 12/5/2018

Inklinngs de foci moldeable

No soi Maui bueno con manualidades peor como quedaron
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• 12/5/2018
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• 12/5/2018

Splatoon 2 AU

An inkling, about 14 years old, walks about the square. She has grey eyes, chocolatey skin, and short, pink hair. She’s only Level 15, but clearly she’s far more advanced, possibly being in League Battle. Her name is Mia. The only place Mia has yet to discover is that sewer where a weird inkling is standing, next to Sheldon’s weapon shop. Mia shrugged. “I might as well go there,” she said to herself, “I seen everything else....” As Mia drew near, the mysterious inkling took her leave, jumping into the sewer. Mia wrinkles her nose, yet reluctantly, she follows the inkling.
As soon as Mia pops up from the sewer, she gasped. The place was so big, it was bigger than any turf war stage. Mia wondered how it could fit in one tiny sewer! The strange inkling was standing next to a run down shack. The inkling had orange eyes and long, orange tentacles that reached just below her knees. She was wearing a neon yellow vest with stripes, and coldly glared at Mia. “It’s about time.” The inkling said. “What? What do you mean..?” Mia cautiously asked. “I’ve been watching you as soon as you entered Inkopolis.” The inkling stated. ‘That’s totally creepy....’ Mia thought. “What’s your name, oh great stalker?” Mia asked dramatically. The inkling frowned. “Call me Agent 3.”
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• 12/5/2018
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• 12/5/2018

*New Squidkid*

Everyone’s arguing over Marina VS Pearl, but what about Judd VS Lil’ Judd?

*silently watches as WW3 starts in the comment section*
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• 12/2/2018

Winter Splatfest

Inkopolis Square is getting another makeover for #FrostyFest. This special edition of splatfest lasts from 4th Jan 2019 to 6th Jan 2019 (48 Hours) and the theme will be spent the winter with your Family or Friends. There will also be winter exclusive gear like #Splatoween!!
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• 12/1/2018

Needing someone to play with

If any one is on splatoon2 I need players for league battles since I've never been able to play them and also I'm bored😅
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• 12/1/2018


Hey! Wondering why some players in some games are in inkform and just play around? Not splatting anyone except those who dont play around. Is it some kind of protest?
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• 11/30/2018

To KirbyFan

I know you like 3 x 8, it's canon in Splatoon 3
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• 11/30/2018

Splatoon 3 Part 3 "Departure of Ships" (YAY SHIPS!)

Agent 9 goes to Level 8, a level with only an Octoling and a Zapfish.
Anne: Mike? Why are you guarding the zapfish?
Mike: I'm an Octoling, you are too. It's career.
Sarah: Stop fighting! If you're Mike, I can just pass easy right?
Mike: I guess. Also my name's Mike/Agent 8.
Sarah: YOU'RE AGENT 8?
Mike: Yeah. Where's Heather anyway?
Sarah: Who's Heather?
Mike: Another member of the Squidbeak Splatoon.
Oh, ok.
Mike joins the team, and Sarah, Anne, and Mike grab the zapfish. Agent 3 waits outside the kettle.
Sarah: 3? Watcha need?
Mike: There you are, Heather. I've been looking.
Mike blushes a little.
Agent 3, noticing Mike blushing: *Lenny Face but I can't since I'm on mobile*
Agent 3 kisses Mike.
Mike, embarrassed: Stop, she kissed me, I didn't agree to it.
Mike whispering to Anne: I kinda like her though. DON'T TELL HER.
Agent 3: Oh yeah, my real name is Heather.
Sarah still stands motionless in shock.
Part 4 coming in the rush!
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• 11/30/2018


That's right, Splatoon 3 is coming lots quicker. I mean 3 episodes per day until Monday. Starts this Friday. YES, 9 EPISODES IN 3 DAYS, I KNOW.
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• 11/28/2018

Splatoon 3 Part 2 (YAAAAAAAY!) "Octecho" (Yes it's a bad combination)

Agent 9 finally got to Level 1, where she rekt Octarians, threw bombs, super jumped, and rescued a zapfish. After 2 more levels, at the end of Level 3 there was an Octoling, whose words echoed through the sky
Agent 9: Who are you?
???: ...My name is Anne.
Agent 9: Hey, I'm Sarah, nicknamed Agent 9. (Yes, Sarah is Agent 9's real name.)
Sarah: Well, do you mind letting me through to get the zapfish?
Anne: Ok. I hope we meet again.
Sarah gets the last zapfish in Sector I.
Sarah beats the first boss, Octo Light, and Anne decides to join Sarah as an ally.
The duo super jumps to Sector II.
Anne: Oh yeah, my brother's here. His name is Mike, we'll likely see him.
Sarah: Another Octoling?
Anne: Yeah, but he's good like me. The only family I have left.
Sarah? Tell me more.
What happened with Anne's family? Who is Mike? Find out in Part 3!
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